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Wi-Safe Moving Helpers offers quality local and long distance moving services in Orlando, FL. Call today for a free estimate.


Wi-Safe Moving Helpers LLC offers quality local and long distance moving services. Service range from 

  • Moving Helpers : Moving Helpers assist customers with loading and unloading rental trucks, pods, and trailers. 
  • Apartment Movers- Can normally range from 2 - 5 hours to complete. 
  • Office/Commercial- A team of 4 or more athletes to complete office moves. (Depending on key factors) 

About Us

Wi-Safe Moving Helpers LLC is a young and innovated moving company. Established in Orlando, FL 2017. We make it our mission to combine technology and skilled moving laborers for a smooth moving transition. We provide local and long distance moving labor services in Orlando, FL. From moving assistance with packing boxes to hiring the man power for heavy lifting and furniture moving. Wi-Safe is here to help. Our goal was to start a company we can enjoy using our athletic abilities. So we became industrial athletes. 15 years of furniture moving and heavy lifting experience our guys are fully prepared to assist with your next move. Wi-Safe offfer a list of quality services that will be sure to increase the production time for your next move. Local and long distance moving helpers, packing/unpacking, and disassemble and assemble furniture and appliances. Big or small we can provide the team to fit your budget. Need help moving? No problem, hire an athlete that will provide the strength necessary to complete the job. Fairly new but we are the best moving company and labor services in Orlando, FL. We complete our job with pride and joy. Our customers are amazed with the amount of time and dollars they save booking Wi-Safe Moving Helpers. 

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